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Tangshan Ocean Colors Trading Company was founded in 2001 with a registered capital of 10 million ,located in Tangshan City is a subsidiary of Union tigers(beijing) international trading Co.,ltd , business covers carpet production, wholesale and sales with rich factory resources and marketing experience .

The main products are carpets, furniture, small appliances, with more than 20 years of carpet and various kinds of home improvement materials production and sales experience and a strong network of factory resources for numerous Chinese and foreign customers to find quality suppliers and continue to provide          customers with import and export declarations Customs clearance, product quality inspection, factory and customer communicationservice, win highly praise       from customers at home and abroad.

Selected material

Carpet is divided into chemical fiber carpet, wool carpet, linen    carpet and other varieties. Although carpet has different          materials and styles, it has good sound absorption, sound         insulation and moistureproof. After the carpets are laid on the   homes of the residential buildings, the noise of the upstairs and downstairs can be reduced. The carpet also has the effect of     cold proof and heat preservation, which is especially suitable for the use of the living room of rheumatic patients. The wool carpet is the upper part of the carpet, which is called the "Queen" of     the interior decoration art.

Healthy & Comfortable

dirt-resistant, not afraid of walking,

do not fade, not deformed.

In particular, it has the ability to store dust,

so it can purify the indoor air

and beautify the indoor environment.

E mail للغة العربية. omar@east-tigers.com

Working time:24hrs Mon~Sun

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